Project Z:Fragment


A world fractured by a great cataclysm. A mysterious ancient civilisation, obliterated by the disater.
The few survivors scattered across an unknown number of fragmented pocket dimensions. Many generations of explorers spent their lives searching for ancient ruins and remains of the broken technology contained within. Some sought riches, others fame. One band in particular sought something else entirely. Obsessed with an ancient poem known as The Engur of Ea, they believed this was the key to unlocking the secrets held by this lost civilisation and unearthing the true nature of the event that distroyed their world. Most people thought they were dreamers, and perhaps even insane. But one day they made a discovery that changed everything. The Zu-Ab, an abyss that engulfed their fragment of world. Was not just an infinite void, but could be navigated. By reverse engineering the technology found deep within a massive underground complex they could create portals between the dimensions. Eventually a network of these portals was established and a new civisliation arose.


World and Lore

More details TBA